Hamas terrorist tells Israel authorities mission Oct. 7 was simply to kill, details shooting children

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A Hamas terrorist told an Israel Securities Authority (ISA) official he and another man shot and killed crying children who were inside a safe room, until the sounds could no longer be heard, while acknowledging he entered the house simply to kill.

In a video posted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, the Hamas terrorist is seen wearing prison garb while sitting in a chair with an Israeli flag behind him.

The unnamed man tells the ISA official, who cannot be seen in the video, that he and other members of Hamas entered a house through the window. While checking the house, he told the official, they heard sounds of young children in the safe room and shot at the safe room.

‘At the beginning, we didn’t shoot. We passed by and didn’t hear anything,’ he said, adding that he and others ate dates and drank water.

After having a quick snack, the terrorist said he and others heard sounds of young children.

‘What sounds did you hear,’ the man was asked.

‘Young children’s crying,’ he told the ISA official, who asked him to demonstrate the sounds he was hearing.

The terrorist reiterated that he heard the sound of a child crying.

‘I shot and Ahmad Abu Kamil shot, we shot at the door,’ he said. ‘Until we didn’t hear noise anymore.’

When the terrorist was asked what he meant, he said that the children died.

‘I want to ask you a question. Is killing children logical in the Muslim religion,’ the ISA inquisitor asked.

‘No,’ the imprisoned man answered.

‘What did the prophet Muhammad say regarding this,’ the inquisitor asked.

‘Children are not involved,’ the man answered.

The ISA official then asked the Hamas terrorist if he entered the house as an order to kill from Hamas, and he nodded.

He was also asked what the difference between him and ISIS are, and told the official there was no difference, based on videos he was shown of Hamas spreading terror.

‘I saw videos worse than ISIS, the ones the interrogator showed me,’ he told the agent.

The ISA official then asked the man if his mother or father would be proud of the actions he and Hamas committed.


‘They don’t know I’m part of Hamas. If my father sees me, he will shoot me. He will kill me,’ he answered before being asked why. ‘Because I did those actions.’

On Oct. 7, Hamas-led forces crossed the Israel-Gaza border while residents were sleeping, dragging people into the street, taking some hostage while beheading and killing others.

Over 1,300 Israelis were killed in the attack, with thousands more wounded and many taken hostage by Hamas, and raped, tortured and murdered.

The war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is now in its fourth week. At least 5,700 people have been reported killed in the war on both sides, including at least 1,400 Israeli civilians and soldiers and 36 Americans. The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry claims at least 4,385 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and the West Bank and more than 13,561 wounded.

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