Investing Launches Augmented Reality Games In Its New AR Powered Mobile App for Trade Show Organizers

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AR Games Create Sponsorship Opportunities, Enhance Attendee Engagement and Create Memorable Moments at Events (OTCQX:NEXCF)(CSE:NTAR)(FSE:EP2), a Generative AI-Powered 3D model supplier for Amazon, P&G, Kohls and other major e-commerce retailers, is pleased to announce that augmented reality games are now available in the Company’s newly launched Augmented Reality Powered Mobile Event App for trade shows and event organizers. This app will feature 10 out-of-the-box AR games, creating sponsorship opportunities for event organizers and show managers, while enhancing attendee engagement and creating memorable moments at events

Watch a video showcasing various augmented reality games through ARway: click here

Last week, the Company announced its Map D business unit integrated and launched its indoor navigation capabilities with’s technology, opening up exciting new opportunities for event organizers. This integration sets the stage for events to now monetize the airspace with AR sponsorships and offer 3D /AR mobile games and other immersive experiences for events like never before. The integration also introduced a groundbreaking Augmented Reality Powered Event Mobile App. This technology unlocks a new revenue channel for event organizers through AR experiences available exclusively via the event mobile app. Event organizers can enjoy white glove deployment and sponsorship sales services, as well as a first-of-its-kind AR navigation experience at trade shows.

ARway’s AR Games integration within Map D’s Augmented Reality Powered Mobile Event App is a groundbreaking addition that empowers event organizers to unlock the full potential of augmented reality for their events. In the fast-evolving landscape of event organization, attendee engagement and creating unforgettable experiences have become paramount. Augmented reality, a technology known for its immersive and interactive capabilities, is at the forefront of this transformation. ARway’s AR Games integration within Nextech’s Augmented Reality Powered Event Mobile App is a game-changer for event organizers, delivering a multitude of benefits that directly impact the success of trade shows and events.

The advantages for event organizers are multifold:

Sponsorship: AR games provide a unique platform for sponsors to connect with their target audience in a novel and engaging way. By strategically placing their branding within the AR game experience, sponsors can significantly boost their brand visibility and engagement with event attendees. This presents an unprecedented avenue for event organizers to secure valuable sponsorship deals, further enhancing the financial viability of their events.Attendee Engagement: AR games are a potent tool for enhancing attendee engagement. In a world where digital distractions abound, creating captivating experiences is crucial to keep attendees actively participating in an event. These games cater to a wide range of interests, offering an interactive and personalized way for attendees to explore and interact with event spaces and content. This deeper level of engagement translates into more memorable experiences for attendees, leading to higher satisfaction rates and increased likelihood of return for future events.Memorable Moments: The integration of AR games facilitates the creation of truly unforgettable moments at events. Attendees are no longer passive spectators but active participants in a dynamic and immersive environment. This not only encourages social interaction and networking but also leaves attendees with vivid, long-lasting memories that they are eager to share and discuss with their peers, both in-person and across social media platforms. These memorable experiences have the potential to transform an event into a trending topic, creating a buzz that will not only boost an event’s reputation but also increase its attendance in future iterations.

Augmented reality gaming, often referred to as AR gaming, represents the live integration of digital components into the physical environment. This genre of gaming leverages the inherent qualities of real-world surroundings and harmoniously combines them with dynamic digital content, resulting in captivating and immersive encounters. In the realm of augmented reality games, the technology identifies and interprets the actual environment, subsequently superimposing game visuals and audio with the assistance of sensors like cameras, microphones, and the global positioning system (GPS).

The surge in user-centric technologies has generated a notable appetite for technological advancement, particularly in the realm of the gaming industry, which has witnessed a remarkable upswing in interest surrounding augmented reality. Statista figures show over 1.7 billion mobile AR user app devices will be worldwide in 2024.

These innovative AR games represent a significant breakthrough in the event management industry. Event organizers now have the means to tap into an array of sponsorship opportunities, capitalizing on the interactive nature of AR games to create a highly engaging and memorable experience for attendees.

About Map D

Map D is an Event Solutions Platform and one of 4 key business units under the umbrella. Map D includes the following components:

Interactive Floor Plan: The Map D interactive floor plan is a powerful tool for tradeshows, festivals, and conferences. With information-rich profiles, it’s easy to build out a marketplace of participating vendors and connect them to attendees, sessions, speakers, and more. The floor plan is easy to navigate, search, and bookmark, making it an essential tool for any event with a vendor marketplaceBooth Sales: Conference organizers can sell booth space to exhibitors with customizable gateway and checkout scenarios. The product allows clients to view the real-time availability of booths and their sales status. It allows exhibitors to reserve a booth or pay for it using a credit card directly from the floorplan.Mobile App: The app combines the current MapD event management solutions technology with ARway, the AI-powered Augmented Reality Navigation platform with a disruptive no-code, no-beacon spatial computing solution, creating an industry-first augmented reality / artificial intelligence combined solution for event management providers and bringing Augmented Reality to live, in-person conferences and trade shows.

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About or the ‘Company,’ (OTCQX:NEXCF)(CSE:NTAR)(FSE:EP2), is a versatile augmented reality and AI technology company that utilizes its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) to craft immersive 3D experiences at scale for E-COMMERCE. The Company’s primary focus lies in creating high-quality 3D WebAR photorealistic models for Amazon and various other online retailers. has adopted a unique approach to creating shareholder value beyond its operating business of creating 3D models.

The Company also develops or acquires disruptive AI-technologies, which are subsequently spun out to shareholders as standalone public companies. This spin-out strategy allows to issue stock dividends to its shareholders while maintaining significant ownership in the public spin-out, without dilution to the parent company

Notably, successfully spun out ‘ARway,’its spatial computing platform, as a standalone public company on October 26, 2022. The Company retains a 49% stake with 13 million shares in ARway Corp. while distributing 4 million shares to Nextech shareholders.

Similarly, accomplished its second spin-out launching, (OTCQX:NEXCF)(CSE:NTAR)(FSE:EP2) an AI-powered 3D design studio aimed at competing with Adobe. The Company retains a 44% stake with 13 million shares in Corp.

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