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Cutting Edge Technology (CSE:ARWY, OTCQB:ARWYF, FSE:E65) is an AI-powered technology company with an augmented reality (AR) experience platform for the enterprise market. This company is revolutionizing AR navigation with a cutting-edge, no-code, no-beacon spatial computing solution enabled by visual marker tracking with centimeter precision. This technology is disrupting the $44-billion indoor positioning and navigation market by enabling enterprises to integrate a wide array of AR experiences. These include indoor AR navigation and wayfinding, 3D products and objects, analytics, audio, video, images, 3D text, hotspots, location pins and more in indoor environments.

The platform has diverse applications, particularly in indoor environments such as shopping malls, airports, hospitals, universities, sports arenas, museums, galleries, real estate, events and tradeshows. Augmented reality technology is particularly advantageous for navigation in these locations because it enables users to overlay digital information onto their physical surroundings, providing them with real-time directions and enhancing their situational awareness. This technology can also help users navigate complex spaces more efficiently, leading to a better overall user experience and quicker navigation to their desired point of interest.

The market for indoor positioning and navigation is a rapidly growing and promising investment opportunity, valued at $44 billion with a 42 percent CAGR from 2018 to 2025. The rising demand for indoor navigation and positioning services in various sectors, including retail, aviation, healthcare, manufacturing and the public sector, has contributed to the surge in the market’s popularity.

Additionally, the widespread adoption of emerging technologies has further fueled the demand for indoor navigation solutions. North America, Europe and APAC are anticipated to be major contributors to the overall market share, indicating vast opportunities for investors to explore this up-and-coming market.

As Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) is set to launch its AR/VR glasses in 2023, the market for indoor wayfinding technology is expected to experience significant growth. is currently in discussions with various smart glasses manufacturers to explore potential collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, operates on a platform that is already accessible to over 3 billion users through their smartphones and tablets. The platform employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to power its location intelligence service, which constantly tracks and enhances map functionality. Apple’s AR glasses have the potential to revolutionize augmented reality navigation through mass adoption, and is actively seeking to capitalize on this trend. has launched its latest innovation in augmented reality hardware with AR smart glasses to empower users to do more, unlocking new possibilities of application.’s technology enables 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) by accessing the AR smart glasses’ sensors and cameras. It eliminates any errors in motion so the augmented digital objects look and move as if they were really there.

The AR smart glasses greatly enhance productivity, lower expenses and track performance for large-scale as well as small enterprises. AR smart glasses for the manufacturing industry involve learning at various stages of the manufacturing cycle, testing for quality assurance, as well as understanding and executing production. is a spin-off company from, which owns 50 percent of ARway and has an impressive client roster, including Amazon, Target, Dyson and Kohls, to name a few. is Nextech3D’s first technology that has been spun off into a new public company, which is already producing a 200-percent return to early investors as of this article. solves current challenges with indoor wayfinding. Indoor wayfinding technologies currently in use suffer from various drawbacks, including costly hardware requirements and ongoing operational expenses. Venue owners and businesses that opt to implement their own wayfinding solutions face significant capital and operational expenditures. Moreover, these in-house solutions often suffer from connectivity issues that can considerably detract from the user experience. Legacy solutions require significant capex and opex for venues or enterprises to implement their own solutions.

Instead of incurring significant expenses for enterprises, is an end-to-end solution that works by simply scanning a QR code or image to navigate to a specific point of interest. No hardware, no capex or opex is required. In addition, the app-based solution does not require additional hardware, making it affordable for enterprises to implement and easy for any customer in the venue to use.’s current clients include Dubai Mall, Restaurants Canada and Saudi German Health Group. The company currently has over 25 pilot programs around the globe, which represent significant upside potential for shareholders.


Early Mover Advantage in Indoor Navigation: The company’s app-based applications allow enterprises to provide customers or visitors with indoor wayfinding to aid in navigating events, conferences, airports or healthcare facilities.’s existing clients include Restaurants Canada, Dubai Mall and Saudi German Health Group.No-code, No-beacon, No-hardware Platform: Legacy solutions require enterprises to invest significantly in hardware and in-house development to deploy an indoor wayfinding platform., instead, allows organizations to adopt indoor wayfinding without investing in expensive hardware or development.Rapid Adoption Driven by Demand for AR: Consumers are starting to understand and experience the benefits of AR. This growing demand powers the continual growth of as more organizations wish to accommodate consumer demand.

Company Highlights is a disruptive technology company providing indoor AR navigation solutions powered by leading-edge AI technology.The company’s no-code and no-beacon platform disrupts legacy solutions and allows enterprises to adopt indoor wayfinding without requiring significant upfront’s app is a multi-purpose platform with use cases including shopping malls, airports, hospitals, universities, sports arenas and theme parks.Apple’s upcoming AR/VR glasses are expected to create a surge in interest in AR technologies. As a result, is poised to immediately capitalize on growing interest and demand for indoor AR is a spin-off company of, an industry-recognized technology company with products focusing on other 3D, AI and AR applications.The company’s app-based platform is an end-to-end solution that does not require enterprises or consumers to invest in additional’s clients include Localiza, Saudi German Health Group, Dubai Mall and much more with 41+ pilot programs underway.

The company has launched its latest innovation in augmented reality hardware with AR smart glasses to empower users to do more, unlocking new possibilities of application. The company is now integrating with the world’s leading AR glasses including Magic Leap, Microsoft HoloLens, and Apple Vision CEO Evan Gappelberg has a 25-year successful track record of taking companies public and leads a team of experienced technology innovators.

Experienced Management Team

Evan Gappelberg – Chief Executive Officer

Evan Gappelberg attained his capital market expertise in the 1990s while working on Wall Street funding IPOs. Notably, he was instrumental in funding Take Two Interactive, which has a recent valuation of about $20 billion (NASDAQ:TTWO). Gappelberg is an accomplished entrepreneur with extensive experience in creating, funding and running pioneering start-ups. He has global business experience both as a hands-on CEO and as a public company CEO.

He started as an entrepreneur while on Wall Street where he was co-founder and CEO of EG Products, which he self-funded. While CEO, he went to China to set up manufacturing for the first LED light-up toy which he patented, imported and distributed globally. He secured license deals from Disney, Universal Studios and others while he built a retail national sales channel.

He was also co-founder and CEO of an app development company which created and published over 200 successful apps for both the Apple iTunes store and Google Play store.

He is an accomplished entrepreneur with expertise in creating, funding and running start-ups, and he has extensive experience both as a hands-on operating executive and well as a public market professional.

Reza Davariar – Chief Operating Officer

Reza Davariar Experienced business strategist and cross-organizational leader with 20+ years of professional experience across strategy consulting, business operations and sales management. He has a broad range of experience working with executive leadership, reducing internal costs, and establishing methodologies to boost customer satisfaction through successful operational performances, CRM initiatives, and KPI targeting.

Hareesh Achi – Head of Product Operations

Having worked at industry titans MSFT & META for over a decade Hareesh has a deep-rooted understanding of big technology, coupled with extensive experience in building efficient, scalable and profitable technology operations. Hareesh is poised to play a vital role in enhancing’s profitability through operational effectiveness.

Shadnam Khan – Chief Product Officer

Shadnam Khan is a data-driven product, marketing and strategy leader who has pioneered multiple industry-first solutions in the world of 3D, AR, spatial computing and computer vision. With a decade of experience in scaling systems in both startups and enterprises, commercializing 0 to 1 products and advising c-suite executives on technology transformations, Khan leads ARway’s product, development, marketing and solution delivery services.

Nikhil Sawlani – Co-founder and Developer

Nikhil Sawlani is a highly experienced and accomplished professional in the AR industry, with more than seven years of experience managing engineering teams to deliver state-of-the-art tech products. With extensive research knowledge about AR, location/navigation, and computer vision/SLAM, and a mastery of Three.js/WebAR, Nikhil has won more than 15 awards for his work in the domain of augmented reality and published international research on the topic of AR.

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