Jordan pledges to ‘bring all Republicans together’ in letter to House GOP on eve of speaker election

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, pledged to unite the GOP conference and give members without leadership roles a louder voice in party discussions in a letter to colleagues sent Monday.

‘The principles that unite us as Republicans are far greater than the disagreements that divide us. And the differences between us and our Democratic colleagues vastly outweigh our internal divisions,’ Jordan wrote in the letter obtained by Fox News Digital.

‘The country and our conference cannot afford us attacking each other right now. It is time we unite to get back to work on behalf of the American people.’

The letter comes as Jordan is quickly consolidating support ahead of an expected House-wide vote for speaker on Tuesday. Jordan won a closed-door GOP conference vote to be their next candidate, but his conservative credentials and reputation as a bomb-thrower have stirred concerns among moderates. 

Jordan is also tasked with convincing lawmakers to come around who were unhappy with the treatment of ousted ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and the previous speaker-designate, Majority Leader Steve Scalise, R-La., who stepped away from the race when it became clear too many people were refusing to back him over Jordan. 

‘As Republicans, we are blessed to have an energetic conference comprised of members with varied backgrounds, experiences, and skills — just like the country we represent. We may not always agree on every issue or every bill, and that’s all right,’ Jordan wrote. ‘It’s an honor to receive our conference’s nomination as Speaker-designate. Over the past weeks, each of you have communicated the issues that matter most to you and your constituents.’

‘We’ve discussed frustrations about the treatment of Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise and the events of the past month. You’ve been honest and open, and I appreciate the candid conversations. In these conversations, we’ve also discussed your thoughts on how we can best move forward. And we must move forward.’

Jordan’s letter appears to be an indirect olive branch to moderates and other Republicans who may have been skeptical of his leadership. It comes after reports that some moderates may be considering working with Democrats to find a consensus speaker candidate.

Jordan promised to empower members outside of those in leadership and heads of the ‘Five Families,’ what the GOP calls its formal separate factions.

‘The role of a Speaker is to bring all Republicans together. That’s what I intend to do. We will make sure there are more Republican voices involved in our major decisions beyond the Five Families. Our goal will be to empower our committees and committee chairs to take the lead on the House’s legislative work through regular order,’ he said.

‘This will bring us together to pass responsible legislation to fund our government and support our military. I will tirelessly work to defend and expand our majority and help every Republican member back at home.’

Jordan told reporters on Monday that he intends to hold a vote at noon Tuesday, regardless of whether he knows he has the 217 votes necessary to win the speaker’s gavel.

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