Aether Global Innovations

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In Greek Mythology, Aether is the personification of the bright upper sky. A region that both fascinated and terrified the people at the same time; it represents a space caught between terrestrial and celestial — between the earth’s surface and the boundaries of its atmosphere. Phil Lancaster views it as the perfect representation of his new company.

To Lancaster, Aether Global Innovations isn’t just a medium between heaven and earth. It also signifies the transformative power of artificial intelligence and incredible advancements that automated drone services could introduce to domestic services and security — a paradigm shift with the potential to enhance situational awareness, resource allocation, incident response and much more.

Aether, in other words, represents the limitless potential of a place that’s been out of reach for much of human history and is a perfect analogy for Lancaster’s end goal.

About Aether Global Innovations Corp.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Aether Global is a pioneering innovator in the drone management, monitoring and surveillance services space. Through partnerships with both industry and academic leaders, it aims to revolutionize drone services within the marketplace through an integrated offering that combines (1) drone design and development, (2) automation and integration and (3) advanced drone base station technologies. Powered by the latest advancements in software and data gathering, Aether’s three service areas will provide clients with real-time critical reports and updates from the sky.

Large commercial and industrial property owners, as well as the owners and operators of critical infrastructure represent Aether’s two primary market segments. As it shapes the future of drone management and monitoring services, Aether hopes to provide its client base with bespoke services and solutions that empower them to make the best-informed decisions possible.

As a company positioned on the leading edge of an evolving drone and UAV industry, a dedicated research and development team is at the heart of Aether’s operations. This R&D team collaborates with leading experts, universities and research institutions worldwide to develop ground-breaking solutions and applications to stay ahead of the curve in drone operational services and innovative technologies.

The company may be aiming high to increase shareholder value, but it has exactly the expertise and leaders it needs to get there. Aether is backed by an incredibly experienced management and advisory team that includes national security expert Douglas Smith, former CSIS counter-terrorism operator and BlackBerry alumnus Alan Treddenick, and big data specialist Dr. Khalid M. Al-Ali.

Company Highlights

Aether Global Innovations is a drone management, monitoring and surveillance startup business based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company seeks to revolutionize the drone management marketplace through a combination of design and development, automation and integration and base station operations. Aether works with industry partners to provide a fully integrated solution, including:Draganfly InnovationsProtegimus ProtectionIdroneimagesLimitless IntegrationsVotixWatchdog Equipment The company’s key markets include agriculture and farming, and critical infrastructure industries such as oil & gas. Working with its business partners, Aether is able to deliver three core services:Drone design and development. Automation and integration. Drone base station technologies. Backed by a diverse team experienced in everything from data analytics to national security, Aether’s business operations have the potential to completely revolutionize both data gathering and drone management, monitoring and surveillance technologies.

Core Service Areas

Aether offers three core service areas that comprise its drone management and surveillance solutions, directly addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of multiple industries including agriculture, public safety, construction, energy and logistics.

UAV/Drone Design and Development

Aether is dedicated to pushing the limits of drone technology through partnerships with companies like Draganfly and their expert design and development team on drone creation and innovation. The partnership offers Aether Global the latest and greatest in state-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drone design and development to meet its clients’ needs and requirements. Draganfly employs a team of experts that works tirelessly to ensure their company can design and distribute drones that will fulfill Aether Global clients’ specific needs.

In addition, Aether Global is in the final stages of establishing key strategic partnerships with top manufacturing facilities located around the world, leveraging local expertise and resources to optimize both operational efficiency and cost.

Automation and Integration

Aether is also working to streamline drone management, monitoring and operations, integrating them seamlessly into existing business systems. This ensures that its technology is as efficient and effective as possible when on mission.

From artificial intelligence (AI) and flight plan automation integration solutions to specialized sensor payload solutions, all geared to capture and report critical data in the moment, Aether Global is committed to bringing new advancements to drone management, monitoring and surveillance services for several key industries, including critical infrastructures, oil and gas, and agriculture.

Drone Base Station Technologies

Also known as Aerial Base Stations, Drone Base Stations act as a hub that connects a drone to a business’s core network and systems. Aether’s Drone Base Stations are designed to optimize connectivity and communication, significantly enhancing the performance of any connected UAV fleet.

Business Operations

Key Markets

Agriculture and Farming

Aether’s drone management and monitoring services provide the agriculture sector with the ability to manage and surveil high-value livestock and crops. Its systems are capable of assessing various normalized difference vegetation indexes (NDVI) to give farmers a complete idea of each crop’s health. The integrated solution, through its partner network, allows drones to automatically organize data based on coordinates and calculate crop heights within a few centimeters of accuracy.

Oil & Gas/Critical Infrastructure

By leveraging the latest advances in sensor technologies, automation and artificial intelligence, Aether Global intends to provide critical infrastructure organizations with drone management, monitoring and surveillance for both aerial and onsite inspections. Through recurring automated flight paths, drones can help these companies and their management teams not only identify potential issues but also collect data that helps them reduce risks and costs.

Industry Partners

Draganfly Innovations

A trusted name in UAV and drone hardware with a history of development and design innovation that spans more than two decades, Draganfly has been recognized as an innovator and industry leader multiple times throughout its history.

Protegimus Protection

Operating under the tagline Revolutionizing Businesses With Innovative Drone Solutions, Protegimus is one of the world’s leading providers of cutting-edge drone technology.


Idroneimages truly believes that the future of drone technology is limitless. Given that the company’s diverse client base includes organizations from industries as diverse as construction, telecommunications, emergency services and mining, it’s easy to see why.

Limitless Integrations

Limitless Integrations empower property owners with leading-edge and intelligent technologies, with the highest level of service, to create safe and secure spaces for their staff, customers and partners.


Votix’s claim to fame is that it developed the first hardware-agnostic platform that was truly capable of delivering drone automation, orchestration and remote operation, making it a truly essential part of Aether’s value proposition.

Watchdog Equipment

Watchdog aims to replace inefficient lighting, power generation and communication technology with its cost-effective, highly affordable alternatives.

Management Team

Phil Lancaster – President and CEO

Phil Lancaster is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in business and management consulting. His exceptional drive for excellence, combined with a keen ability to identify opportunities, has fueled his success throughout his career. With extensive experience in both British law enforcement and international VIP close protection, Lancaster possesses a unique skill set that sets him apart in the field.

Throughout his career, Lancaster has demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. He has a proven track record of driving organizational growth, enhancing operational efficiency and fostering positive relationships with stakeholders at all levels. With his unique blend of experiences in law enforcement, international protection and consulting, he brings a holistic perspective to his clients, delivering innovative solutions and achieving remarkable results.

Karen Mae Parrin – Chief Financial Officer

Karen Mae Parrin specializes in corporate finance; primarily focused on public companies with a concentration on consolidation, cross-border transactions and compliance. Her industry experience includes mining, manufacturing, renewable energy power generation, real estate, construction, software and technology. She is a certified public accountant in the Philippines and currently pursuing the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation in British Columbia, Canada.

Mae Parrin holds a Master of Science in finance (2017) and Bachelor of Science in business administration and accountancy (2011) from the University of the Philippines.

Paul Borselli – Marketing and Communications

Paul Borselli has over 30 years of international sales and marketing experience and has worked directly with startups to Fortune 100 brands, top digital advertising agencies, leading media and publishers, and cutting-edge SaaS technology firms. Prior to his work with Aether Global, Borselli worked in senior executive and leadership positions with The Walt Disney Company, Comcast, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone-AirTouch, Cellular One, Macy’s, iProspect/Covario, Digiday Media and Patriot One Technologies. He is a registered U.S. lobbyist.

Vivian Katsuris – Advisor (Corporate Matters and Administration)

Vivian Katsuris has extensive experience in the junior capital markets. She was an investment advisor for over 20 years and has sat on the boards of several public companies for almost 10 years. She is a former director and officer of the issuer and remains in the capacity of advisor on corporate and administrative matters.

Nancy Boufeas – Corporate Administration

Nancy Boufeas is a corporate paralegal with more than 25 years legal experience in civil litigation and corporate/business law. Having obtained her paralegal designation in 2002, she manages over 200 private companies as well as providing administration services for several public companies trading on the CSE and TSXV.

Peter Campbell – Advisor (Strategy and Corporate Development)

Peter Campbell specializes in technology design and manufacture, successfully designing and bringing to market drone docking stations. He brings five years’ experience in the UAV industry and a wealth of knowledge in data processing. With 15 Years of leadership experience, managing large teams and complex projects, Campbell has built a successful drone automation business with global sales.

Robert Campbell – Advisor (Technology Lead, R&D)

Robert Campbell has a passion for IT and the ability to adapt and enhance his skills to multiple technology tiers. He brings 10 years of experience in database engineering, developing database systems for some of the largest organizations in the world. Campbell plays a significant role in the development of the Software infrastructure that supports the hardware. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

Samar Campbell – Advisor (Business Development & Finance)

Samar Campbell has a passion and eye for detail. She brings 15 years of human resource and project management experiences to the team. Campbell has managed multiple large teams and seen multiple projects through from inception to completion. She plays a significant role in the operational management of the manufacturing, quality control and testing of IDI systems. Backed by a degree in HR and finance, she plays a key role in the auditing and controls of the business operations.

Board of Directors

Douglas Smith – Chairman

Douglas Smith has spent the last 25 years serving at the highest levels of government in national security and the private sector and is a serial entrepreneur, having helped start numerous companies’ specification cycles.

Zara Kanji – Director

Zara Kanji is the founder of Zara Kanji & Associates, CPA, and is experienced in financial reporting and compliance for junior listed companies, including taxation, general accounting, financial reporting and value-added advisory services. She has served as board director and chief financial officer for several listed issuers, where she provided reporting and compliance services for financing and acquisitions.

Alan Treddenick – Director

Alan Treddenick served 32 years with CSIS and the RCMP. He led counter-terrorism field operations in Canada and has investigative experience in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Treddenick was posted to Saudi Arabia for four years with responsibility for HUMINT operations and counter-terrorism.

Prior to CSIS, Treddenick was posted to general policing and criminal investigations with the RCMP. After CSIS, he accepted a position with BlackBerry as the director of national security and law enforcement liaison. He is a graduate of Queen’s University, the RCMP Training Academy and the Canadian Police College.

Dr. Khalid M. Al-Ali

Dr. Khalid M. Al-Ali brings deep experience and expertise to his roles in various organizations, having spent much of his career in Silicon Valley. He is the co-founder and executive chairman of Senseta, a world leader in mission-critical big data fusion, AI and drone-powered deep technologies. He is the co-founder and chairman of the Silicon Valley Space Business Roundtable (SVSBR). He was the executive director of the University of California Office for NASA Partnerships and the University Affiliated Research Center.

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