Deadly green mamba snake on the loose in Dutch city

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Local authorities are warning people to keep their distance and avoid approaching the poisonous green mamba, which is between 1.8 and 2 meters (6 to 6.5 feet) long.

In the unlikely event someone is bitten by the snake, they should immediately call the emergency services, the spokesperson said.

The tropical snake has a fondness for warm, dark spaces, the spokesperson added, saying it is unlikely the runaway mamba has slithered out of its owner’s house to face the cold Dutch winter.

There are three species of green mamba, all native to Africa – one is found in the east and south of the continent, another in the west and another in the center. The municipality spokesperson did not specify which species the missing snake belonged to.

Normally found in trees, this timid snake produces a fast-acting venom that can kill within days, though it is rarely attacks humans, instead preying on birds, small mammals and lizards.

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